Rob and Tracie Morris are amazing people. They are truly a perfect example of how the Fullness of the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses our lives.

How can a man be a Super Bowl winning professional football player and not let fame and fortune get to his head and put his family second?

How can a women deal with the anger, frustration, and sorrow of losing three children after already going through the frustrating fertility process?

The peace and perspective of knowing we are Children of our Heavenly Father and that our families can be together forever through sacred ordinances done in holy temples is priceless and can’t be measured. That peace can calm a mothers aching heart knowing that she will hug and kiss her beautiful children in the life to come. That perspective can help a father realize that football is just a game and that families and his duty as a father is the most important thing in his life and for eternity.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and that everyone can come to a knowledge by learning more about Jesus Christ and be able to overcome challenges just  like Rob and Tracie’s and still have that hope and light in their eyes.