If I Can Live

By Helen Hunt Jackson

“If I can live
To make some pale face brighter, and to give
A second luster to some tear-dimmed eye,
Or e’en impart
One throb of comfort to an aching heart,
Or cheer some wayworn soul in passing by;

If I can lend
A strong hand to the fallen, or defend
The right against a single envious strain,
My life, tho’ bare
Perhaps of much that seemeth dear and fair
To us on earth, will not have been in vain.

The purest joy,
Most near to Heaven, far from earth’s alloy,
Is bidding clouds give way to sun and shine,
And ’twill be well
lf on that day of days the angels tell
Of me, “She did her best for one of Thine.” ‘

I love this poem. I am grateful for the ability that I have to serve. The more and more I serve others and go beyond myself, I am blessed and rewarded beyond measure. To know that I made someone’s day that much better, that much brighter makes my darkness go away. I stop thinking about myself when I start thinking about others. Today during General Conference many speakers spoke about Charity and Service. I would invite everyone to go out and serve with all their hearts to those who need help. I will and am trying my best to serve with all my heart, each and everyday. I know that as we do we will be blessed with happiness and joy and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.