Elder Rob Vomocil

So I wanted to share with everyone some stories about people who I have been privileged to serve around while on my mission.

The first person I wanted to showcase is my first companion, Elder Rob Vomocil. (blog, Facebook, Mormon.org)  Check it out, he is an awesome guy, I love him to death. I learned so much about life from being around him for three months.

Elder Vomocil and I

Here are some of his own words a bit about who he is and why he is a Mormon.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I love music! I’ve really enjoyed sharing and playing music all throughout my childhood, and really found myself at home with my band. I played football in high school, and since have been involved with a lot of different things. I love to hike, read, play video games and snowboard. After my mission I will go back to school, but I haven’t decided what I really want to do with my life yet.”

Why are you a Mormon?

“I’ve had church around me a lot growing up, but was never really forced to go. Because of it I grew up not really having a desire, or anything to do with any of it… After living by myself, and just trying to figure life out, I knew I wasnt really happy. My brother has always been such a happy guy, and everything seemed to work out for him. Deep down inside, I knew it was because he had a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

With my brother and some friends, I came back to church. The solid foundation that it gives what was probably most appealing… I found myself wanting to know more, and to do more to grow closer to God because life just… started getting better. As I did the things that I knew my Father in Heaven wanted me to, I found myself in a place I never dreamed I could be. I had found happiness.”

How do you live your faith?

“I try my hardest to help build my friends up, because when they are happy, I’m happy. Right now I am serving a mission, out trying to find people all around Northern California (and the Internet) who are looking for purpose and direction. Mostly, I teach people and invite them to do things that will help them strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, but I love to serve those in the community any way I can.”